"SARA-She is just like you" will inspire, guide and support people to lead a life of dignity and self-respect so that they will win in all areas of their life, as a complete HUMAN BEING."

An Era Of Wonderful Encounters


"SARA-She is just like you, will enable people in all walks of life, to overcome their weaknesses and limitations  by becoming aware of self and surrounding and actively contribute to  their families, society country, and the entire mankind."


"The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves."  -Louise Otto

 The Woman of today when awakened and guided is capable of great good, wellness and peace and the same woman if misguided can cause conflict, confusion and can cause disunity. A lot of effort has been put into bringing about a change in the educational, socio-economic conditions of the woman. However, the woman of today is a far cry from genuine fulfillment. Despite economic independence woman at times is a victim of her own insecurities, egotistic greed, anger, and stupidity. Her major suffering also stems from her conditional dependency, on Father, Brother, Husband, and Son. 

  1. How about we challenge this aspect of our thinking?
  2. What if there was a way of changing the way we look at the world?
  3. What if we got the courage to make new horizons our own ?


  1. To seep into various layers of a womans life, through MEDIA (Print, radio, and Television) and LIFE-ORIENTED EDUCATION, all compiled in the form of a CHAT SHOW. (1.By promoting intelligent conversations with women  to enrich, inspire and empower women  in general, 2.) By bringing forth negative or positive real stories to enable the audience to develop a para-social relationship with the guests of the show)


  1. To synergize the efforts of corporates, NGO's, women's organization working for the development of WOMAN.


  1. To attract Indian and International artists, writers and companies to showcase their art or product in the form of appearing as guests, or sponsoring gifts to the audience & participants.


  1. To market SARA commercially and profitably, as to reach out to the viewers worldwide.