A Musical Dialogue

I believe that there is an artist in every person, irrespective of the profession he belongs. Sara she is just like you gives equal opportunity to nurture that talent and brings it to full bloom. It is an amalgamation of EDUCATION, CULTURE towards World Peace" -SARA

Performing Arts
Cultural Exchange
Sara (In hindi  means Sara jahaan humara) she is just like you, is an endeavour to create GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS amoung the viewers. Its an awareness program to uplift the masses and create a direct link of bridging the Gap between the HAVES And THE HAVE-NOTS, between the priviledged and the underpriviledged.
 SARA is a philanthropist, educator and peacemaker. She has founded a musical concert programme with a goal to have cultural exchange across the globe through music,dance and drama. She believes that Music unites and warms the heart and elevates HUMANITY to unite with the DIVINE. This concert association is perhaps one-of-its-kind not-for-profit musical cultural exchange programme. The aim of this concert is to cut across the barriers all over the globe and transcend limitations of language, culture, ethnicity, race etc and foster friendship among the masses through music.
This is possible only through music since music and performing arts are not bound by borders. They can be a source of limitless hope and help in building a peaceful society. This cultural programme firmly believes that world peace can truly be achieved only through mutual trust and rapport.
Apart from providing a system of cultural exchange and friendship, it has also been instrumental in creating some of the best musical scores catering to the audience comprising of children and youth.
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