The Show

A slice of life one-hour show shown biweekly takes you into the living room where talks dialogues and conversations by intelligent, warm-hearted women inspire you, entertains, empowers and touches the soul.  The show brings out the preciousness of her life and that she has enormous potential. It's only that some dust has gathered over the soul, dimming its shine and casting goodness in darkness. All she needs is a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on, to cry on. Everything else that’s superficial and cynical and ugly will just be washed away.

A show with thought-provoking, rich emotional tapestry SARA She is just like you. will take us on a journey of the celebration of being a woman and of life itself. 


SARA she is just like you is not just a talk show. It is a perception of life. Every day, for one hour we all will collect in our living rooms to listen to a remarkable woman in our country. Our anchor will play host to an eclectic mixture of people who have something inspiring to share, something to show of the human spirit. Stories of a triumph of the human spirit of courage over cowardice, of hope over despair and of joy over sorrow, will be weaved through a rich tapestry of opinions, expressions, visuals, and music. Bi-Weekly, we will reaffirm everyones faith in human spirit through the show called SARA she is just like you.

Because as the show believes that the glass is neither half full nor half empty- the glass is completely full. Half with water, half with air! This is the show that comes on at the end of a day where you are feeling low, when you feel there is no hope- and picks you up and tells you Dream on, Hope, believe. Good things will happen.if you let them

The Show


The setting a live audience of over a hundred people. Each episode will be full of life and laughter, depending on the mood and the subject. There will be real women and all those related to them husbands, children, fathers, social workers,  councilors who will be guests on the show, telling stories we wish to tell. The stories are what make the show stand out from the common lot. Ranging from incredible stories of survival, women who have never given up but made obstacles into jumping boards to tragic stories of student suicides to funny topics like Twins and  Relationships topics like Love and Changing the face of Marriage. Issues affecting women and things that matter to them and make a difference to their livesit's about hope and light at the end of the tunnelIt's fighting through the pain and tears to smile and celebrate life.

Tone Of The Show

The show is not to ridicule or poke fun at someone or anything.  Even if someone's failings or weaknesses are brought forward, it is to comment and enable the person to improve for better. And efforts are made to make sure that it is taken with a pinch of salt because it is just a comment, an observation. A deep social awareness and insight of Human nature will enhance the thought patterns of the viewers towards refinement and positivity. The show is soft and quiet, loud and boisterous if the occasion so demands. It is not journalistic in design, but educative cum entertaining. It is not to teach people but to reach out to people.

On the show, Sara holds forth on a variety of subjects relevant to women as a student, wife, daughter, mother, daughter-in-law, entrepreneur, employee. She sets the background, by setting examples for her own life as an ordinary human being, She has no illusions of being someone who knows the whole, real truth, of being better than anyone else. Together with participants, viewers, and audience she will lead and discover newer insights, perceptions, and actions that follow. She will comment, influence and impact gauging the mood and draw people out of their shells. She is a friend, philosopher, and confidante.

Website with listed topics and synopsis of issues related to the topic will be mentioned to monitor the entries… Auditions of interested candidates will be solicited at the web world across the country or by asking the viewers to upload their profile and videos, on the website. Mediagenic and articulated people will be identified, mostly from the metros. These guests though from the masses will be packaged into class, in terms of looks and presentation to maintain the quality of the show.

The remaining guests will be asked to participate as the studio audience. Moreover, Audience-coordinator will be appointed to bring aware and informed people to the show, until the show becomes popular and people are willing to come to the show. The dress code will be formal. The aware and informed audience will be invited to the show. Mostly women audience will be invited from NGO's, Kitty parties, Mahila Mandal, School Teachers, Office workers, socialites, college students and women's organizations.